Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning

Service Overview

Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services

The Climax Air Conditioning team can support our clients through all project phases from concept design to installation and ongoing maintenance.  With early contractor engagement we can provide engineering and design services by industry experts.  As the project moves forward from design to construction the project management team will oversee and manage the project delivery.  During the final stage of commissioning the project is handed over to the support and maintenance team. Who then provide a range of post installation services, for instance 24/7 support and preventative maintenance schedules.  Meaning we are a “Whole-of-life” provider. 

Climax Air Conditioning Bulli Hospital

Our complex air conditioning and mechanical services have included health infrastructure and pharmaceutical manufacturing which required sterile environments and clean rooms. Critical control projects have included art galleries, museums and libraries, all designed in-house.  As well as high rise offices and apartment buildings which require complex air conditioning, ventilation and exhaust.   

 As a result of this expertise the dedicated team of professionals can offer clients experience in project management, mechanical services, engineering and construction throughout any project.  A list of current and completed projects can be found in the project gallery. 

The team’s unique capabilities in air conditioning and mechanical services have enabled us to complete HVAC projects from the Shoalhaven to Torres Strait Islands.  However, the geographical focus of our projects is in the Shoalhaven reaching to the far South Coast, Illawarra and Southern Sydney.  

  • Aged Care Facilities
  • High-Rise Apartments
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Government Facilities
  • Arts buildings including Galleries and Theatres
  • Clean rooms
  • Sports Centres and Gymnasiums
  • Offices & Conference Centres
  • Motels & Accommodation
IPAC Illawarra performing Arts Refurbishment

Project Delivery

Our project delivery team have extensive experience both onsite and in project management. The combination of onsite, trade and management experience means the team is lead with valuable experience and insight for both on and off-site success.


The Climax Project Management team, includes Certified Project Management Professionals, membership of the Project Management Institute and years of experience in a vast range of industries. The team use their combined extensive experience across a range of industries, to ensure that all of our projects are managed efficiently and are delivered successfully. 

The Project Manager is carefully chosen for each project for their experience, knowledge and understanding of the project and its requirements.  The Climax Air Conditioning delivery teams have a strong track record and proactive attitude to delivering high quality results and meeting the project needs and requirements.  Working closely with the Engineering team through the life of the project.

Site Crew Bulli Hospital

Estimation and Mechanical Engineering

The companies engineering strength includes active members of industry accredited bodies and certified design and building practitioners.  They are passionate and driven in their pursuit to ensure all designs are meticulously created. 

Our estimates include a full scope review and detailed submissions, with high-level budget estimates for cost planning. Our robust systems and processes ensure estimation and engineering accuracy.

As a result of the in-house engineering team we can offer value engineered solutions and achieve the required results come commissioning time.  

Engineering at Climax

Latest Projects

  • All
  • Aged Care
  • Apartments and High Rise
  • Community
  • Construct
  • Design & Construct
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare


High Security Building Construction Manager ByGroup

Just wanted to say thank you to the hard work the team put in today. I’m pleased to say we have the building secured, with a few more things to be worked on during business hours next week. We are in a really good position for the main switch board and I just wanted to pass on my thanks!

IPAC Illawarra performing Arts Refurbishment
Illawarra Performing Arts Centre Senior Project Manager Wollongong City Council

Your teams commitment to the success of this project is to be commended. This will be reflected in the final CPR.

Mitsubishi Wall Controller
R. Bagley Residential Installation

Thank you.  R* and I are so pleased with the installation work by your team. Hayden and his colleagues were very polite and considerate and did a remarkable job in a short space of time and quite difficult conditions. It was a pleasure to have the team on site and they made minimal mess when removing the old system. The new…