Air Conditioning Energy Rebates

Energy Rebates for Air Conditioning Installation

How do I claim the rebate?

Climax Air is an approved provider of the ‘Energy Savings Scheme’ rebates. Simply contact us and we take care of the rest.

We check your eligibility, match you with an air conditioning system that suits your needs and apply the rebate to the supply and installation costs.

This reduces the cost of a new, or replacement, unit by up to $1000* on the eligible systems.

What is the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS)?

The NSW Government launched the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) to incentivise energy saving practices in households and small businesses across NSW. As an approved provider Climax Air Conditioning can help Shoalhaven residents access the rebates for eligible air conditioning units.


Examples of rebates available:

Under the scheme Climax Air can offer rebates up to $1000* on eligible systems.  Rebates are available on new installations and replacement of old air conditioning units.

2.5 kW Split (great for bedrooms)                  up to $375.00*

5 kW Split (great for lounge room)                 up to $775.00* 

8 kW Split (great for open living area)            up to $1000.00* 

*Certificate values vary between units and are dependent on eligibility criteria set by the ESS scheme

Why Climax Air Conditioning?

Climax Air team

By installing an eligible air conditioning unit through Climax Air Conditioning, you could receive up to $1000* in rebates.