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Commercial Preventative Maintenance

For commercial premises we offer preventative maintenance plans and management of your air conditioning assets.  Helping you keep control of your maintenance budget and maximising the life span of your HVAC equipment.
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Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services are a major investment for any commercial application and it is important that this investment is properly cared for to ensure long term efficient operation.
Climax Air Conditioning’s dedicated Service Team provides scheduled preventative service and maintenance to various industries including Schools, Healthcare and Aged Care Facilities, Government and Council premises, community centres, and Clubs.  Our expertise enables us to support and maintain critical control environments such as Art Galleries, manufacturing and pharmaceutical production.

Our professional approach to preventative maintenance ensures that services are scheduled and delivered with the customer in mind. Our service team can provide asset audits, condition reports and budget planning to help you manage your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) maintenance to minimise the risk of unexpected breakdowns and extend the life cycle of your equipment.

A HVAC Service and Maintenance agreement with Climax Air Conditioning includes scheduled inspections, maintenance and Asset Management. You receive exclusive access to our 24/7 support, manned by HVAC technicians with extensive experience and product knowledge across all air conditioning, air handling units, central plant equipment and chilled or hot water refrigeration-based systems (chillers and boilers). 

Programmed maintenance scheduling allows us to come in and assess the efficiencies of all your HVAC systems to ensure you have the longest useful life on your equipment and that your facility is running at optimal levels all year round.  These measures ensure the efficient running of your systems, can help to extend the life cycle and assist with savings on energy costs and prediction of lifespan for future planning and budget control.


Benefits of Programmed Maintenance:

  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Increased indoor comfort
  • Lower heating and cooling energy bills
  • Longer HVAC equipment life
  • Improved equipment reliability


Scheduled Maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning of distribution systems
  • Cleaning or changing filter medium
  • Cleaning of condenser coils and evaporators
  • Checking airflows and refrigerant levels
  • Checking valves
  • Checking operational efficiency of the systems
  • Asset life-cycle management
  • Proactive and preventative maintenance
  • Priority scheduling