Australian Botanic Gardens - Seed Bank

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Project Overview

The upgrade of the Seed Bank Plant Room at the Australian Botanical Gardens in Mount Annan involves the installation and maintenance of very specific dehumidification and cooling equipment to achieve the specific room conditions required for drying and storing plant seeds.  The room conditions are to be maintained  at a cool 15C and very low 15% relative humidity for the seed drying process to take place. Once the upgrades are complete, the seed bank is set to house one of the largest seed collections in the southern hemisphere.


Climax Air Conditioning will be providing the installation, commissioning and maintenance of two (2) Munters dehumidification units complete with desiccant dehumidification wheels for dehumidification and Bitzer Condenser units serving the Post cooling coils. Desiccant dehumidification is a process by which the system removes moisture from the air by using desiccant – a material that attracts and holds water vapours.


Climax will also be extending the existing Chill booster adiabatic cooling Systems to improve the efficiency and operating range of the units. Adiabatic cooling works by producing a very fine mist that cools the air through an evaporation process, reducing the intake air temperature at the condenser heat exchanger.

Project details

  • Year: 2020
  • Work : Design and Construct
  • Builder: Direct