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Which air conditioning system is right for you?

Air conditioning is a big investment for any home or business. With so many brands and styles in the market, choosing the right air conditioning system for your needs can be daunting. Lucky we can break that down into smaller bites to help!

Start with a few questions

When speaking with customers we will often ask a few basic questions to get the ball rolling.

Are you looking to heat/cool the whole house?

Yes! Then ducted air is the direction to head.

No, then your more then likely after a split wall hung unit.

Is it just one room that you wish to heat or cool?

Yes! Great, a split wall hung system is probably the way to go.

How do you want to use the unit?

Once we have chosen the split or ducted options we start looking at how do you want to use the unit.

For ducted do you want to turn off the bedrooms during the day? Have a young family and want to run a bedroom and the lounge room at the same time? Maybe you want to run each room separately – keeping everyone happy!

Determine the right unit size

These types of questions help us determine the kW size of the unit that is going to best suit your needs.

For example the average bedroom would be OK with a 2 – 3kW split system. A lounge room can be between 5kW and 7kW.

However a ducted system combining 4 bedrooms, an open plan lounge, kitchen, dining area would average the units o somewhere in the 10 – 14kW range. Add a second lounge room and media room and you might need to jump up to a 14 -16kW system. This is all dependent on the square meters, heat load and zones.

Commercial premises

When it comes to your business requirements for commercial air conditioning, we have a team of inhouse engineers that can consult and design your system to meet the BCA and industry standards. Our onsite delivery team will install the units and maintain it post installation.

For business requirements its best to talk to our office for further information.