Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning delivers the ultimate in comfort. A single system centrally controls the temperature throughout your entire home, with flexible zones enabling control of spaces or rooms. This allows you to customise the environment to suit the occupants of a space and minimise energy usage by only heating or cooling rooms that are in use.

Ducted Air Conditioning Controller for zone control

Advantages of ducted air

Ducted systems are an ideal solution for cooling and heating entire homes, offices and large spaces. They offer a range of advantages, including: 

  • Whole home heating and cooling
  • Discreet design that blends seamlessly with your interiors
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy-efficient
  • Centralised control
  • Flexible zoning options
  • Cost-effective installation compared to multiple split systems

Ducted systems feature an outdoor unit connected to an indoor unit via refrigeration pipework. The indoor unit is usually housed in a central location in the roof space. For houses with inadequate roof space but large underfloor access, the indoor unit can be housed underfloor. The outdoor unit pumps refrigerant to the indoor unit and directs air away from the space, while the indoor unit directs warm or cool air through ducts connecting to vents in each room.

A residential Ducted Air Conditioning unit
A residential Ducted Air Conditioning unit
A interior designed home with a seamless ducted Air Conditioning unit

Choosing the right system

There are a few key areas to consider when it comes to selecting the right ducted air conditioning system for your home or workplace.

  • The primary purpose: heating or cooling – All our systems are reverse cycle, but heating your home is easier than cooling it. Larger areas require a higher kW unit for effective cooling.
  • How you use your home – Zoning offers flexibility to switch off areas of your home that are not in use, increasing operating efficiency and redirecting airflow to where you need it. A smaller kW system may suffice if you plan to cool or heat selected rooms or zone for day and night, while a larger unit will be needed for whole-of-house cooling and heating.
  • Your budget – A ducted unit can represent a substantial initial outlay. Budgeting for a system that best suits the size and use of your home means you will be comfortable year-round, reaping the rewards of your investment for years to come.
Ducted Air Conditioning Units installed by Climax Air Conditioning

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Frequently asked questions

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The cost of running a ducted system will vary depending on a range of factors, including:

  • When and how long you run it. For maximum efficiency, it is best to turn on the system before your home gets too hot or too cold so that the unit doesn’t have to work at full capacity to bring it to the desired temperature.
  • Whether you’re heating or cooling and the temperature you set the system to. The lower the cooling temperature the harder your unit must work; an ideal temperature setting is 22-23 degrees. Units heat more efficiently so your system doesn’t have to work as hard.
  • Whether you’re heating or cooling your entire home or selected zones. Whole-of-home cooling or heating makes the unit work harder for longer. To save on energy bills, close off rooms and zones initially and open them as needed. 

Visit the Australian Government’s Energy Rating Calculator to find out estimated running costs for air conditioners and other appliances and equipment in your home.

Unlike evaporative cooling systems, your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning works best with doors or windows closed. Leaving doors and windows open means your system must work much harder to cool or heat your space, decreasing its efficiency, effectiveness and longevity. 

There are many ways to boost the efficiency of your ducted air con. Adjusting the temperature a few degrees higher in summer and a few degrees lower in winter, adjusting zones or switching off when rooms are not in use, or using a timer to automate switching on and off can make a significant difference to your energy costs. Regular maintenance is also vital to ensuring the efficiency of your system and saving you money. Contact us today for more efficiency-boosting tips or to book your next service. 

We only install tried and tested brands with proven efficiency, performance and longevity. Climax Air Conditioning recommends Mitsubishi Electric and ActonAir ducted systems, both market-leading brands offering quality options to suit every home.