University of Wollongong Western Building

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Project Overview

Completed in early 2020 the Western Building took commercial Air Conditioning and engineering to the next level.  Climax Air Conditioning provided a wide range of mechanical services including individual extraction exhaust for laboratories and acoustic designed air control for recording studios and theaters

The building is approximately 10,000sqm gross floor area across four levels plus a plant room level.  The Western Building will accommodate the diverse functions of the School of The Arts English and Media (TAEM), the School of Health and Society (HAS) School and the School of Geography and Sustainable Communities (SGSC).

The mechanical services project works include the specialised design and construction of:

  • Reverse cycle air conditioning for office and research spaces
  • Air handling units with requirements for acoustics in theatres and sound recording studios
  • Exhaust for laboratories and work stations
  • Chilled water towers





Project details

  • Year: 2018 / 2019
  • Work : Design and Construct
  • Builder: Richard Crookes Constructions