Lakeview Uniting Care Apartments Shellharbour

  • Lakeview Internal
  • Lakeview Bedroom
  • Lakeview Corner Exterior Climax
  • Lakeview unit on Balcony
  • Lakeview Hydrant Climax Air
  • Lakeview Shellharbour Climax Air

Project Overview

This project is for four new buildings as part of the Uniting Care Shellharbour development. The buildings comprise of 78 independent living units (ILUs) with basement carpark facilities.

Including the design and installation of exhaust systems and multi-split air conditioning systems for each of the 78 apartments.  Supply air for the main lobby and ventilation, as well as CO monitoring sensors for the carpark areas.


Images courtesy of Uniting Care and Parkview Constructions.

Project details

  • Year: 2018/2019
  • Work : Design and Construct
  • Builder: Parkview Constructions