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Engineering enhanced quality of life: Bulli Hospital & Aged Care Centre

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    Health & Aged Care

  • Builder

    Richard Crookes Constructions

Aged care and healthcare facilities are complex, with unique and exacting requirements for environmental control. With construction consisting of two separate wings and user groups, the Bulli Hospital and Aged Care Centre required a custom-designed and engineered system to provide optimal flexibility, comfort and safety.

The project provided an ideal showcase for Climax Air Conditioning’s high-end engineering and construction capabilities, spanning design and engineering of the mechanical services package and fire and smoke control for the buildings.

The design needed to accommodate individual reverse cycle air conditioning and bathroom and kitchen exhaust in each of the 60 residential care suites, simultaneously providing centralised air conditioning control for the centre’s hospital-style aged care wards. The state-of-the-art facility is also home to an Urgent Primary Care Centre, allied health outpatient services, onsite clinical support and a range of non-clinical support services, also requiring high-specification air conditioning, ventilation and exhaust systems integrated with the Building Management System.

Climax Air Conditioning provided pre-site and construction support to builder Richard Crooked Constructions, including specialised engineering, design and coordination for all onsite trades through 3D modelling to minimise trade installation clashes and save time during the construction phase. The project was delivered successfully, with Bulli Hospital and Aged Care Centre staff, residents, patients and visitors now benefiting from the highest levels of comfort and safety every day.