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Shoalhaven Library Air Conditioning Upgrade

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The Shoalhaven Library Air Conditioning upgrade included the ground floor public library area, public entry way and foyer café.  In addition to the public spaces the Air Conditioning upgrade was extended to the lower ground office area.

Climax was the principal contractor on this project working directly with Shoalhaven City Council.  This project provided Climax the opportunity to showcase our engineering, design and installation capabilities in our local area of the Shoalhaven.  We provided the air conditioning upgrade of two roof mounted APAC package units for the public library area.  A Mitsubishi split ducted system for the entry and foyer café.  As well as two 40kw APAC split ducted units for the Office Spaces on the lower ground level.  Lastly the upgrade included a new mechanical switchboard and Carrier BMS system to monitor and control the building HVAC systems.

As the principal contractor Climax provided sub-contractor management for extended services that included the new Maintenance Platform, Metrix Brick Lane screening, upper roof replacement, replacement of doors, wall plastering and painting.