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A reputation for quality

Climax Air Conditioning has been delivering quality commercial air conditioning services across the Sydney, Shoalhaven and Illawarra regions for more than 30 years. You’ll find our vast experience and expertise in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems at work in projects of every size, scale and complexity, spanning aged care, hospitals and healthcare, government, manufacturing, critical control environments, high-rise apartment developments, office buildings, conference and accommodation, sporting facilities, and so much more.

It's not only our reputation for quality and service that sets us apart. Our specialised commercial division is uniquely positioned to manage every aspect of your commercial air conditioning project in-house, from estimation, concept design and engineering through to construction, commissioning, maintenance and repair. Expert teams collaborate under your dedicated project manager, ensuring everything works seamlessly so that we deliver on time, on budget, and to the highest possible standards.

The success of any project relies on clarity from the very beginning. Without detailed scoping and assessment of every aspect, costs and timelines can quickly spin out of control, leaving your project delivery in jeopardy and impacting your business.

We take the time to understand your requirements and the outcomes you seek. Our commercial project estimators bring years of experience to each new project to ensure nothing is left to chance. Each estimate includes a full scope review and detailed submissions, with high-level budget estimates for cost planning.

Our industry-leading in-house engineering capabilities and passionate expert team power the delivery of robust, high-value solutions for every project, no matter how complex.

We’re committed to developing and manufacturing bespoke solutions to diverse air conditioning, ventilation and exhaust system challenges. Our expert engineering team is home to active members of accredited bodies and certified design and building practitioners. Each project is supported by a dedicated in-house engineer, involved throughout all phases.

Every design is crafted to meet the exacting requirements of individual spaces and projects, with each component realised in meticulous detail and accuracy through our 3D modelling and scanning capabilities. This expertise and attention to detail are critical when it comes to designing your system to come together seamlessly on-site.

Combining extensive onsite and trade experience with our professional project managers, we keep your project moving forward, ensuring every aspect comes together exactly as it should.

Our experienced service and maintenance team keep your commercial air conditioning systems running at peak efficiency and performance, with 24/7 on-call support available for customers in critical industries.

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Our Projects

All projects are engineered and designed using our inhouse engineering capabilities

We are committed to understanding your unique needs, tailoring solutions to your budget, and ensuring compliance with all relevant standards.