Frequently Asked Questions

Both air conditioning and gas central heating is much more efficient now than it was even two years ago. Individual costs depend on the capacity of your system and design of your home, we are happy to advise you.

Most installations are completed within 3 weeks of receiving the deposit. Or we can liaise and schedule with your builder.

Yes we have a periodical maintenance program. We will contact you when your maintenance is due.

We use a range of vents, some are round, square, linear. However we do make recommendation depending on the type of installation.

We will design a system to suit you and your home. If your electricity supply is limited it may just mean zoning your system which will help save on running costs too.

Climax has an office with friendly staff answering the phone, they will guide you in the right direction. Climax has a reputation for quality installations and will return if something was to go wrong. We have a 10year guarantee on residential properties and the systems that we sell have a 5 year manufactures warranty so our technicians can attend to them.

Give us a call on 1300 13 89 86 or email sales@climaxair.com.au (If someone referred you to Climax that is the time to mention their name so they can benefit from our referral bonus.) Climax will discuss your requirements with you then provide a plan of action either by viewing your emailed plans or after visiting your home or place of work.

Yes. Air Conditioning or gas ducted heating will help dry and reduce the humidity in your home. Rooms require natural light and ventilation. Oil of Cloves will kill mould spores. Running your ducted air conditioning or central heating system provides air movement and will help dry your home too. When cooling the first thing that an air conditioning system will do is remove the humidity from the air leaving a fresher environment in the room. Of course the heating will help dry your home too. This is also why it is important to close your doors and windows when air conditioning your home. You can also use your ducted systems on the fan only mode to help move air and ventilate.

For better air circulation and air mixing. The external walls and window areas are the warmest or coolest (most uncomfortable) areas in your home or work place. If we were to have a vent near the door this conditioned air is heading straight back to the return air grille and the more uncomfortable air from near the windows is passing over the room. The vent being near the window allows conditioned air to mix and provide you with a more comfortable environment.

Ducted heating systems are usually a recirculating system. In the winter if your windows are closed it will recirculate the air that is in the house this can feel like it has a drying effect. Opening a window slightly will help or adding a humidifier to a gas central heating system will help to raise the humidity level.
In summer it is Humidity that makes us feel uncomfortable. An air conditioning system when in cooling mode will remove the humidity from the air leaving a fresher environment in the room. This is why it is important to close your doors and windows when cooling your home.

When locating the outdoor unit we consider the running costs and most efficient operation.
Against the building and best is the north eastern aspect, this is not always possible but here is why. When the air conditioning system is in heating mode the outdoor unit has to defrost itself occasionally. If it is located in the morning sun this takes less effort but if it is in the line of the winter south westerly winds this takes much more effort. Also in the summer we don’t normally run our systems as the sun comes up, it’s later in the day so the hot westerly sun on the outdoor unit will make the system work harder, we don’t want this.

Choosing the right air conditioner for youd gas centralheating and solar hot water solutions in the Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands. Climax is located in Nowra and Mittagong and offers the design, supply and installation of heating and cooling systems to the Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands; Nowra, Bomaderry, Bay and Basin, Ulladulla, Milton, Cambewarra, Kangaroo Valley, Moss Vale, Bowral, Mittagong &Goulburn. Other area’s are available by request.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the heating and/or cooling system that suits your lifestyle and budget

Also employ the right people to install your new system

  1. The COMPANY – Find a reliable company with quality service to deal with. Do they answer the phone, do they return your calls within a reasonable time, do they supply and install? ASK AROUND – referrals are the best or go to the phone book and web. Ask for their sales person to discuss your requirements. This can be done by sending plans to them, visiting their office or they will visit your home or business. Make sure they have an office with people to talk to.
  2. REQUIREMENTS – Biggest is not always best, each area has different capacity requirements. Do you want your whole home heated/cooled, do you want zones, is one area hotter or colder than others, discuss this with the sales person.
  3. BRANDS – it must be reliable, are parts available, what is the quality like, does it meet the MEPs requirements
  4. PRICE – Did you receive a quote within a couple of days, with the system that you discussed? Why is there a difference in quotes? We all know that we usually get what we pay for and that the cheapest or most expensive may not be the best for you. Make sure you can discuss these details with the sales person.
  5. INSTALLATION – Does the company have the required Licenses, insurance etc…? Does the company have testimonials or references, ask for them or visit their web site.
  6. BACKUP – You don’t want to be left out in the cold once your system has been installed. Can you phone or email with questions, do they offer periodical maintenance and warranty repairs.
  7. GO AHEAD – Once you have satisfied yourself with this knowledge, it’s time to pay your 10% deposit. The company should provide you with a receipt and may get you to sign an agreement.